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Innovate3D Great Lakes is a Michigan-based invention service company that offers affordable product design and engineering facilities for inventors and start-ups in order to help bring innovative and effective new products to market. We provide technical expertise and tools to take your invention idea to the next step, whether it be patent drawings, a 3D computer model, or a prototype. You provide the creative idea and we provide the technology to help you succeed.

Built by people with a background in invention development, including CEO and Invention Engineer Kenan Wollborg, Innovate3D's focus is to give you a personal, honest invention assistance experience. Additionally, we offer a free consultation for all potential clients; please contact us for scheduling or more information.

Honest, Personal Invention Help

At Innovate3D, our focus is honest, personal invention help. Our invention services are provided at very competitive rates. We employ engineers and machinists who might have trouble finding jobs in hard hit areas of the US. Although we are located in the Detroit area, we work with people from all over the country.

Innovate3D is not only committed to helping people and inventors in the US, but also wish to support the world's poorest areas. If you believe your invention may benefit "the world", please contact us. We'd like to introduce new inventions to parts of the world where they would do the most good.

Your Invention Idea is Safe

Your idea is safe with us. And so is your money. Innovate3D does not require you to give up your intellectual property, and you retain all rights to your idea/invention. We pride ourselves on personal, honest work. You are always in the driver’s seat. Before even discussing your idea, a Non-Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement will be signed by Innovate3D and yourself. Not all companies think this way, but to us it is a given: Your invention idea is yours, and yours alone!

Competitive Invention Services Pricing

Following the initial free consultation we offer all potential clients, Innovate3D has very competitive pricing on our invention services. While our competitors require inventors to pay large retainer fees, Innovate3D's services are available with no minimum purchase at $95/hour. Our creative prototyping options have also been structured so we can work within set budgets.

Our goal is to provide you with the best available services while being cost-effective. Because all inventions come in different shapes and sizes, making each one is unique, we'll be able to give you a better idea on pricing once we understand your specific needs and goals.

Support Innovate3D as a Software Publisher

Innovate3D is supported by a number of 3D technology vendors, including SolidWorks. If you are a software publisher and interested in using your software for a good cause, please contact Innovate3D's CEO Kenan Wollborg.

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