Kenan Wollborg | CEO & Invention Engineer

Kenan Wollborg - Invention EngineerKenan Wollborg, Innovate3D CEO & Invention Engineer, is very familiar with the invention process. From concept to production, Kenan has gone through the process several times, both for his own inventions and for inventions he developed at a Detroit-area company where he worked for 15 years.

From Invention Idea to Production

Kenan has a particular interest in composites, which he has used to create prosthetic devices, specifically below-the-knee foot and ankle replacements. Some models even allow for very active lifestyles that include running, rock climbing and other physical activities. It’s great to see technology help people who might previously have been forced to being disadvantaged for the rest of their lives.

An example of such a device is the patented Soleus prosthesis. Kenan helped from the early concept to production, working on design and manufacturability evaluation. He also helped tune the dynamics of the springs to hit specific criteria. In addition, Kenan developed the processes used to produce the product.

Soleus Foot Prosthesis InventionSoleus is designed for a smooth walking gate, helping the amputee have less fatigue on the residual limb. The product also benefits from a unique spring arrangement, where the springs work together to provide a balanced and dynamic energy return. Any one spring alone would not have the dampening properties that the Soleus spring assembly has. From the time of heel strike to toe-off, the springs work together to absorb and return energy.

In 2010, Kenan was part of a team that received the Team Excellence Award from the Medical Device and Manufacturing Association.

Kenan own, personal inventions include a lightweight portable wheelchair ramp. In simple terms, it is a type of mat that can be laid over obstructions, such as thresholds, to aid in-house mobility of people confined to wheelchairs.

Contact Kenan

To get in contact with Kenan, call Innovate3D Great Lakes at (800) 405-0830, or send him an email at

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