Personal, Honest Invention Help

Do You Have an Idea for an invention?
With a focus on honest, personal invention help, Innovate3D Great Lakes will help turn your idea into reality. Your invention is safe with us. We don't require you to give up your intellectual property, and you retain all rights to your idea.
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Free Invention Consultation
Innovate3D provides a free invention consultation. Please contact us for scheduling or for more information. We look forward to the possibility of working with you!


Our Invention Services

We'll Provide the Technology You Need
In addition to guiding you through the invention process from start to finish, Innovate3D offers a number of specialized services for inventors, including blueprints, 2D CAD drawings, 3D models, animations, rapid prototypes, and working models.

Innovate3D's experienced designers, engineers, machinists and other professionals will provide the technology - both the tools and the know-how - to make your invention idea come to life.
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Innovate3D Inventor Stories

Nick Batsikiouras - The Smart Diet Scale
Nick struggled with his weight for years before he invented the Smart Diet Scale, a tool making it easy to track your daily calories...
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Julie Hyde Edwards - reContour™
After her breast cancer diagnosis, Julie came up with the idea for
re-Contour™, an invention designed to help women return to a semblance of normalcy following a mastectomy. » Read more...

Dawn Sole & Jacque Tanner Tarlton - BeautyBit™
What do you do when you have a great idea for a new product but no idea where to begin? That's where Dawn and Jacque found themselves after coming up with the idea for BeautyBit™. » Read more...